Test Cel - Independent Testing Division of Netwin Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.
Our client is one of the manufacturing companies based in South Africa. It has been using an ERP of a leading software vendor at each of it’s divisions located in different parts of the world. Our client hired us to test their integrated business intelligence solution. TestCel carried out the Systems & Integration testing of the BI solution.
Every new build release had to undergo tedious manual testing cycle against the growing demand for defect-free, quick releases to market.

The customer sought to cut down the product testing cycle and improve test coverage considering the extensive customizations of the product. Hence, they decided to outsource software testing to an experienced product-engineering partner to help them in their QA initiative.
Manual testing was carried out for the entire project. Test case generation techniques like boundary value analysis, equivalence partitioning and error guessing were used to optimize the number of test cases generated. Exploratory testing, Ad-hoc testing and Security testing was done after every round of testing. The testing team ensured the testing of all possible scenarios including negative test cases. Load testing was done manually by giving numerous data to ensure that the application was capable of processing them within the optimum response time.
Benefits Summary
  • The benefits of this approach included development of all the required test sets, high maintainability and flexibility of accommodating changes and enhancements in the application.
  • Minimized losses and mistakes which could have increased the ROI of ERP implementation.
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved application quality
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