TestCeL - Independent Testing Division of Netwin Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.
Gaming Business
A world leader in global betting and gaming market. An amibitious company which had its key focus on building its digital capabilities to realize its vision of becoming a fully e-enabled international betting and gaming business.
Our client had a short time in which they had to come up with a whole new website completely tested and released before the Olympic games. The complete testing and development was happening offshore, the client had the challenge of organizing and managing the testing in a way that it is closer to the business and the real user.
We pitched in with a solution, by offering User Acceptance Testing onsite, so that the client and its potential users are physically closer hence having more confidence in the end product. The whole of the UAT was managed by us, with daily interaction with the business and formulating test plans as per their requirement and coming up with user journeys which are more relevant to the real world scenarios. As a UAT team, we undertook testing on the basis of the live scenarios and using appropriate data. Because of the strategy implemented and the confidence gained by the onsite presence and appropiate planning the UAT was the final point of testing sign off.
Benefits Summary
  • By developing testing strategy more relevant to the end user and in accordance with the business, we were able to uncover potential risk areas missed in the system and regression testing.
  • Improved application software quality
  • Proximity of the client to the testing enhanced the client's confidence in the end product, hence achieving customer satisfaction.
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